How to bring real change and why voting isn’t enough?

voting isn't enough

Why voting isn’t enough

Democracy is based on voting, then why are we saying that voting isn’t enough?

For that, we first need to understand what the rationale behind creating a democratic system was.

Democracy was founded on the principle of giving power back to the people. The elected government is of, by and for the people.

This is what saves us from a tyrannical dictator that can oppress the people. This will help in promoting the values of liberty and freedom.

Finally, power will be decentralized away from dictators and kings.

However, we see at present governments exerting more and more control over the people.

They are involved in every area of our lives. From your birth to your marriage to your death, the government is there to monitor, control, or take it’s cut.

Even though these governments are elected by people’s vote to ‘serve’ them they are becoming more and more like ‘masters’.

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