Perception and Reality. Why is it important to doubt our perceptions?

perception and reality

Perceptions vs Reality

Perception and reality are simple words that everyone understands and yet most people have never thought about what the implications of their differences can be.

Reality is always far from our grasp and people who think they know for certain what reality is are often ignorant of it.

In the Upanishads, (ancient texts of Hinduism), there is a quote that goes like this-

“yasyamatam tasya matam matam yasya na veda sah; avijnatam vijanatam vijnatam avijanatam.”

Kena Upnishad

It translates in English as ‘those who think they understand the nature of reality do not actually understand it, and those who know that they do not understand it, actually do.’

We think we know what reality is. It is everything that is around us.

The chair we are sitting on the phone we are reading this on. That is all real, is it not?

Perception and reality

Yes and no. When we experience the world, what we perceive is called our perception.

Now, this perception is the closest thing to reality our senses can perceive but it is not reality itself.

In this post we will explore the difference between perception and reality.

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How to have fulfilling relationships, love based on joy not pleasure

How to have fulfilling relationship The Perfect Advise

Fulfilling relationships and how we define love

Fulfilling relationships are something most of us aspire to have. All of us have our definitions of love and thus all of us make our ideas as to what relationships mean to us. Most of us romanticize love with the understanding that we get from movies, novels, and other forms of entertainment.

Lao Tzu in the book Tao Te Ching wrote

“love the whole world as if it were your self; Then you will truly care for all things.

-Lao Tzu

So much so that for some people finding a ‘soulmate’ has become one of, if not, the most important pursuits in their life. Without it, their life lacks meaning or is somehow incomplete. They keep looking for the partner that completes them and if fate wishes they might find them someday.

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