How using Pareto’s principle can transform your life?

Pareto's principle

What is Pareto’s principle?

Simply put Pareto’s principle (also called the 80-20 rule) says that 80 % of the results come from 20% of the causes (more or less).

Now, this is not always accurate. Sometimes it is 70-30 or sometimes a very small no can give a big result.

However, the gist of the rule states that a minority of the causes lead to the majority of the results. 

Conversely, the majority of the causes do not contribute much to the result. It means that 80% of the work you put in is only leading to 20% results.

Businesses have been using this in optimizations of inventory and operations for a long time. 

You can, however, apply this principle to almost everything.

How can we apply Pareto’s principle effectively in our lives? Well, let’s find out.

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Addiction recovery. How to get over your addictions in 12 steps?

addiction recovery

What is an addiction?

Addiction recovery is a difficult process and for it, we first have to understand what addictions are and how they are formed. Addiction is a physical or psychological craving of a substance or a habit.

Most people have a limited understanding of addictions. When they think of addicts they either think of people drunk on alcohol or high on drugs however addictions can go much deeper than that.

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