How to deal with Depression

What is depression?

How to deal with depression, the leading cause of disability in the world? Since it is a mental illness it can be much harder to understand than a physiological illness like obesity.

One of the major areas of confusion in most people is the difference between having depression and feeling sad. Life is a roller coaster of external circumstances.

Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so good. Thus a person might be happy one moment and sad the next. Sometimes you feel gloomy for no reason whatsoever. However, over time that sadness goes away.

That is not the case with depression. A person suffering from depression cannot get rid of that feeling of sadness. It interferes with the person’s ability to live.

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How to reduce stress and anxiety? 5 steps to reduce stress and anxiety in our daily life.

reduce stress

How can we reduce stress and its causes?

Stress has become part and parcel of our life and it is important that we know how to reduce stress and anxiety in our daily life so that we may focus on our tasks more mindfully.

Through the last few centuries, humans have made tremendous progress. Both in terms of civil structures and technological growth.

This fast paced growth in technology has led to drastic changes in our way of life. Our bodies, on the other hand, have not been able to keep pace with that rapid change and as a result, they are still stuck in the times when humans used to hunt to survive.

The way of life that we lead now goes hand in hand with stress and our bodies as a result are not capable of handling it effectively.

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