How can we overcome perfectionism?

overcome perfectionism

What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionism is the attitude of getting absolutely everything right. Thus, it is also self-sabotaging.

In trying to be right we nit-pick everything around us and this overly critical nature seeps into all areas of our lives.

This makes it difficult for other people to be around us and even more difficult for us to be at peace with ourselves. To understand how can we overcome perfectionism we first have to understand why do we have it.

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Dreams and how to stay consistent to them.

dreams theperfectadvise

Know what your dreams are

It has been a month since we uploaded The Perfect Beginning on the website. The aim of the guide was mainly to communicate the need to start working on your dreams without aiming to be perfect first.

This blog is a continuation of that conversation and thus I recommend that you read the guide before reading this post. For those who haven’t read it here’s a link where you can claim it- The Perfect Beginning

What this blog will focus on is how you can manage your moods and what steps you can take to stay committed to your dreams.

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Long term philosophy, How your actions determine your consequences and thus your destiny

How to live with a long term ohilosophy theperfectadvise

Actions and Consequences

Long term philosophy is a principled approach that requires us to always put short term gains at a lower priority than our long term vision.

“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost.”

-Full Metal Alchemist

That’s the law of equivalence quoted by a Japanese anime called Full metal alchemist that was my favorite growing up.

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