A Conservative approach to the modern world


Conservative stuck in the modern world

A conservative is someone that is old school and lately, the world has been rough on him.

With the ridiculous pace of technological growth and progress that humans have seen in the last century, society has seen a drastic change as well. Much of this change is welcome, as humans have learned from the mistakes of the past.

We now know that dictatorships do not work and never will, just one of the many lessons humans have learned as a civilization. However, the social change in society isn’t accepted equally.

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Guess what is coming up in the New year? Blog update 2021

blog update 2021

A Retrospective

2021 is here and 2020 was horrible. In December of 2019, I started working to create a blog. The core focus was to learn more about myself and life issues that relate to so many of us.

This blog provided me with an opportunity to not only do that but also share it with others. I had only one major goal from this website. Post one blog for every week of the year 2020.

I failed, as of this moment, there are 45 blogs on the website instead of a possible 52. Am I sad about it? Not at all 🙂

Not only did I cover diverse topics, but I also created articles that were really comprehensive and nuanced. Some of my blogs go even past the 4000-word mark while I kept trying to keep them short. 😛

Other than that I did face a few unforeseen issues nearing the end of the year. With my family testing positive for covid, and a few other projects that I was working on during the end of 2020, these last few months were a complete rollercoaster.

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