Who am I

Let me just say this before we start. I don’t know much. It always felt pretentious when I thought about telling other people my opinions on what they should do in their life. For a long time, I did not go towards this path because of that very reason.

I finally decided to do it because I thought what I learned may help other people in achieving what they want. That was the first reason I decided to start my blog.

For the second reason please keep reading. The perfect advice sounds like a very arrogant name for a blog. Perfect is objective while advice is subjective. How can anyone give perfect advice? And one’s opinion of what’s perfect may completely contradict what other’s opinions might be. Well, I did not take that domain name out of any arrogance believe me :P.

My name is Daksh Rai. Most of my friends seek my advice when they are in difficult circumstances. Daksh in English means perfect and Rai means Opinion or advice. Thus it was a joke among a few of my friends that if you are in a pickle you should go to Daksh for his ‘Daksh/perfect’ advice.

My Story

My greatest idol has been my grandfather who had been close to me throughout my life. What I learned from his example helped me through a great deal in this life. He passed away in the second year of my engineering. Attending his funeral was a big wake up call.

Every story I heard about him from the people that attended during that day signified one or more of the principles he had taught me.

My college years I feel were the best years of my life.

I lived with an awesome group of friends. I had the freedom to travel and explore whenever I wanted. I was free to learn about anything I wanted. That provided me with a lot of exposure.

I felt the happiest during that time even though the studies I was pursuing were slowly losing the charm I once had for them. I was doing Mechanical Engineering and I chose that field purely out of my interest. Somewhere along the line it just lost the glitter that it had held in its first years or in the MIT lectures I used to watch when I was in 12th.

In the final years of engineering, I started doing meditation every day and that somewhere brought forth the most remarkable transformation in my life. I reached a point where I began meditating for an hour every day. This continued for a month.

I started to embark on a journey of truly finding myself and dove into a pile of Self-improvement courses and books. Applying a few that connected with me changed my perspective on life. The moment I started to change how I perceive things the problems that seemed astronomical to me became trivial. The problems and challenges did not change but the way I dealt with them did.

As soon as I completed my engineering I faced the biggest challenge of my life instead of a stable bachelor’s life with a job and its mundane struggles, all students are promised.

The troubles I faced were in my family. At every step, I felt like these problems went way above my head. There were constant struggles and my family’s standard of living depended on my very actions. Never had I been in a position before where my actions would be responsible for someone other than myself. Two years of being on a principled approach led to a resolution and finally, I was free. Or so I thought.

My family had lost its identity and we had to start anew. With everyone sticking together and incredibly hard work from my father we were able to establish a new business and reach the same standard of living we had grown up in.

Second Reason I started this blog

While I don’t regret anything that I have done or the way I did things I started feeling lost as time passed. There was this existential crisis that was looming over my life.

Looking back I tried to find the time I had the most fun in my life and my college years came to my mind. Earning money just to spend it on things started feeling superficial as I became deeply aware of the short term span of happiness that those external things provided me.

Happiness seemed like a fleeting emotion that always ran away and stood behind a new milestone I needed to achieve in the future. Working for the sake of earning money and owning things made me feel as if ‘The things I bought were owning me’. As if even though I was working for myself, at the same time I was working for the companies that produced expensive luxury goods that I eventually wanted to own.

I decided that instead of working towards infinite scaling and ever-shifting goalposts of status and society I wanted to go back to the time in my college where I was lost in the joy of learning. That’s the second reason I started this blog.

I want to keep exploring the way I did during the happiest times of my life. The transformation in my character I saw as a result of that learning makes me much more hopeful towards the future as I continue on my journey to learn and provide value to the readers here. Let’s get started!