Guess what is coming up in the New year? Blog update 2021

A Retrospective

2021 is here and 2020 was horrible. In December of 2019, I started working to create a blog. The core focus was to learn more about myself and life issues that relate to so many of us.

This blog provided me with an opportunity to not only do that but also share it with others. I had only one major goal from this website. Post one blog for every week of the year 2020.

I failed, as of this moment, there are 45 blogs on the website instead of a possible 52. Am I sad about it? Not at all 🙂

Not only did I cover diverse topics, but I also created articles that were really comprehensive and nuanced. Some of my blogs go even past the 4000-word mark while I kept trying to keep them short. 😛

Other than that I did face a few unforeseen issues nearing the end of the year. With my family testing positive for covid, and a few other projects that I was working on during the end of 2020, these last few months were a complete rollercoaster.

So what’s up in 2021?

Well, the good thing is that my family and I are perfectly fine. 2020 has been the strangest year of my life so far. I realize that it might be true for you too, no matter where you live.

Now though we have an opportunity to put all that behind us and make sure we put our best foot forward in the next year.

I plan to make 2021 the best year of my life yet. Thus, starting this new year you will see a lot of changes on the website as well as the social media channels.

So let me tell you what all is new in 2021 –

1)Amp Pages

For those of you who are visiting the website through mobile or tablet, the site is going to look different. This is because AMP pages are gone. Although they gave speed to the website when it came to the mobile interface, it took too much away from the look and feel of the website.

2)Comment section

The comment section of the website was getting filled with spambots and because of that, I had to disable comments on posts that are older than 10 days. I will invest in a spam blocker but as of yet, I don’t have the resources to do that. Look forward to being able to comment on posts again in the future.

3)Coaching calls and a free first call

For those who do not want a therapy session, there will be an option for a coaching call as well. For the price of a Starbucks coffee (5$), you will be able to call me with any problem you have in your life.

You will have my undivided attention for 30 minutes. Your first call though will be free. I will post a link very soon for how you can request an appointment for a first free call.


Yours’s truly is now an accredited Practitioner from CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association for Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy.

You will be able to book a session and call me soon and I will post a comprehensive blog detailing what MBCT really is in the coming days. – No surprise there, I am pretty sure you all saw it coming.

5)Donate button

In comments as well as in messages, few readers advised me to have a donate button on the website. I was really humbled and honored by this request but I still had some resistance to it.

It took a while, but I have finally linked a donate button on the website for Patreon. I will provide exclusive content and perks for those who pledge donations to the website.

It is my way of saying thanks and expressing my gratitude. As of this moment, there is a separate category on the blog titled Patreon. There is even an article waiting for those who donate.

6)My Journal

This was the most common theme in so much of the feedback I received. The readers wanted my opinion on things and I was giving them citations and theories.

A few readers said that the blog was providing good content but it wasn’t feeling personal enough. ‘It was very text-bookish. ‘

Well, I admit to that. I was of the opinion that nobody cares what I think. All they care about is what value am I providing.

It was long back where we cared about the puff pieces and backstories of celebrities or politicians. Now, all we care about is what policies are you gonna implement and how do they help us.

However, I guess a lot of you want a personal touch to the blog. I don’t want to change the tone of the blogs about core topics to one of first-person anecdotes and beliefs. Thus now there is another new category of blogs named ‘Journal‘.

You might have noticed, this is the first blog in that category. It will be a place where I can post personal stories, opinion blogs, and even website updates.

I hope you guys look forward to it in 2021.


A few of the readers spend a lot of their time on medium. I was advised to have a presence there. So I will upload all the free blogs on this website to medium in the coming days.

It will take some time but I’ll get there. We look forward to you visiting our medium profile in 2021.

8)Social Media in 2021

As of yet, my biggest focus has been on Pinterest. Instagram and Facebook have only been a way for me to keep the readers updated for when new blogs come.

Coming in 2021, I will focus much more on uploading consistent content on Facebook and Instagram that isn’t just ‘here is the new blog’. Also, look forward to ‘ThePerfectAdvise‘ YouTube channel in 2021 🙂

9)Digital Products

There are a few digital products in the works and you will be able to visit an entire shop section on the blog in the coming months. I am even working on a book as well. I can’t promise when it will be finished and released, however, I can promise you that I am working really hard to write a book that provides a lot of value to you.

Final thoughts

Well, that is everything as of yet. Thank you so much for visiting my website. It is an honor to be able to help out anyone in need.

There is so much going on right now and I am very excited about this coming year. I hope you share the same excitement about your new year, and if you don’t why not?

I hope you have a lot of fun this holiday season. That’s all for this blog, I hope you have a good day and a good life.